About DJ aran

Everything started at age of 18 as Patrik bought two Technics Turntables, an Eclear Mixer and 10 popular Trance records at that time. During his university studies in science all his money went into new records and he experimented with different styles of electronic music. Soon later he played at small parties and improved his mixing skills further while also beginning to organise own trance parties. At the Street Parade 2003 he met a underground community called “timetravelers". The timetravelers had their own love mobile and celebrated the early nineties rave sound. A milestone was set and his passion for old techno-trance and acid music started growing. He became a resident DJ at Ozon club in Kloten, a private club well known for its old-school sound. He played at several further events and clubs mostly in Zürich. In 2021 he started his own acid-party series called Aran and Friends night. 
From the beginning he loved the sound of the famous Roland TB-303. Behringer released in 2019 an awesome-sounding clone of Rolands iconic bassline synthesizer. Soon after the release of Behringers answer to the TB-303 Patrik started experimenting with the TD-3. Most of his current DJ Sets are now supported and enhanced with live Patterns of the TD-3. Therefore his acid sets do have an own and unique touch which pleased the acid lovers. 
Beside his career as a DJ, Patrik also started with music production. His first acid track will be released in 2022. 

Patrik is a reliable and experienced DJ. Using an analog acid synthesizer to support his DJ sets makes every set an unique experience for the crowd.